1. Fast and Careful Delivery:

1.01 Delivery Time:

The delivery, whether partial or complete, of equipment via Refrigo SRL depends on the availability of products from usual suppliers. Thus, the delivery time is provided as an indication by Refrigo SRL, unless expressly stated otherwise. Refrigo SRL may postpone initially confirmed delivery dates, make partial deliveries without this giving rise to any right to compensation or cancellation of the order, except in cases of gross negligence or fraud by Refrigo SRL causing the delay.

1.02 Moment of Delivery:

The buyer agrees that their order may be delivered in several shipments. The delivery is considered complete when the equipment leaves the supplier's warehouses.

1.03 Delivery Responsibility:

The risk of loss transfers to the buyer when the equipment is handed over to the carrier by the supplier. As such, the transportation of the equipment is the responsibility of the buyer. Refrigo SRL, acting as an intermediary, is not responsible for the loss of parcels during transport or at any other time after handover to the carrier. All costs associated with deliveries are borne by the buyer.

1.04 Unloading:

The unloading location is presumed to be the ground floor of the address indicated on the order form. In case of inaccessibility or difficulty of access, unloading will take place at the main entrance, and all additional handling, rental, or transportation costs will be borne by the buyer.

1.05 Delivery Conformity:

The equipment is deemed compliant when it leaves the supplier's warehouses. If delivery is carried out by a carrier, the buyer must inspect the equipment upon receipt. If any damage is observed, it must be explicitly noted on the delivery slip, and Refrigo SRL must be immediately informed.

2. Transparent Shipping Fees and Special Benefits:

Our shipping fees include the costs of preparation, packaging, and delivery. Although preparation fees are fixed, transportation costs may vary based on various factors. However, to simplify our terms, we apply a flat rate of 70€ for all deliveries, whether in Belgium or Brussels. To optimize your shipping expenses, we recommend consolidating your purchases into a single order. Be aware that this rate applies individually to each order placed. We invite you to contact us for more details on your delivery options, as certain aspects may vary according to specific circumstances.

3. International Deliveries:

For deliveries outside Belgium, please contact us before finalizing your order. We are here to offer customized solutions and detailed information to ensure a smooth delivery.

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