Repair and maintenance of your refrigeration appliances

Is your refrigeration appliance not working properly? There's nothing more frustrating than faulty or broken-down equipment in the catering industry! At Frigo Horeca, as well as selling Horeca equipment, our refrigeration technicians in Brussels intervene quickly and efficiently with a high level of quality to maintain and repair all types of commercial refrigeration systems.

  • Maintenance of your refrigeration equipment 24/7
  • Troubleshooting to minimise downtime
  • Expertise in a variety of appliances: professional refrigerators, salad refrigerators, pizza refrigerators, positive cold rooms, frozen cold rooms, etc.
magasin matériel horeca

Performance & longevity

We provide servicing, regular checks and maintenance to optimise the life of your fridges. If you have a problem, our team is always ready to help.

Rapid intervention

We guarantee quality work! Thanks to our experience and superior workmanship, we can repair your installations in a very short time (from 30 minutes to 2 hours).

Skilled technicians

All our technicians are qualified and certified, which guarantees our customers compliance with the applicable Belgian legal standards and regulations.
frigo horeca, comptoir vitrine

A trusted company at the service of the hotel and catering industry

At Frigo Horeca, our team of qualified technicians is trained to the highest standards to repair, troubleshoot and maintain all types of commercial refrigeration and freezer systems. Thanks to our experience, we have worked with many establishments and restaurants in Brussels, installing and maintaining their cold rooms, refrigerators and other refrigeration systems.

Contact us for maintenance and repair of your equipment

Rely on our proven expertise to keep your refrigeration equipment running smoothly and to preserve the quality of your products, while ensuring the peace of mind that's essential in the demanding world of hospitality. Contact our team today to schedule regular maintenance or urgent repairs.

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