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The pizza saladette fridges offer precisely controlled temperatures, which are essential for pizza ingredients sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They allow restaurateurs to preserve the texture and flavor of dough and toppings, ensuring that each pizza is as good as the last. Additionally, their top surface can serve as a workspace for stretching dough and topping pizzas, making the preparation process more efficient.

How to choose the right pizza saladette fridge for your pizzeria Choosing the right pizza saladette fridge is essential for any pizzeria aiming to optimize its efficiency and the quality of its products. This type of fridge combines refrigeration space to keep ingredients at hand and a workspace for pizza preparation, offering significant time savings and constant freshness of ingredients.

When selecting, the size and capacity of the fridge should be considered. Tailor the size of the fridge to the available space in your kitchen and your storage needs. Next, consider the type of cooling: ventilated systems offer even cold distribution, while static systems may be more affordable but require meticulous ingredient organization.

The material of the workspace is also crucial. Marble, for example, does not stick and maintains a constant temperature, ideal for pizza dough preparation. Stainless steel, although durable and easy to clean, may not be optimal for directly working the dough.

Storage configuration is another important aspect. Drawers offer quick and easy access to ingredients, while swinging doors can provide more space for larger containers.

A precise and reliable temperature control system is essential to ensure ingredient freshness. Choose a fridge with easy-to-use control.

Maintenance and hygiene are paramount. Opt for a model that is easy to clean with smooth surfaces and materials resistant to corrosion. Finally, determine your budget by considering both the initial investment and potential long-term savings.

Don't hesitate to seek advice from experts to guide you in your choice. A specialist can help you select the model that best suits your specific needs.

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The Horeca industry faces a constant need for efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment. Among these, saladette table fridges are essential allies in maintaining the freshness of ingredients, while saladette pizza fridges specialize in the optimal preservation of products for pizzerias. The presentation of drinks is also crucial, hence the popularity of drink fridges that allow them to be displayed while keeping them at the ideal temperature.

Establishments requiring substantial storage will turn to chest freezers for their capacity and durability. Bar fridges and minibars are perfect for limited spaces and offer convenient accessibility to drinks. The presentation and accessibility of products are enhanced by self-service wall units, which invite spontaneous consumption.

For large-scale storage needs, cold storage rooms are the suitable solution. They are often accompanied by display counters for an attractive presentation of products. Professionals will also opt for refrigerated cabinets or freezer cabinets for optimal layout and efficient food preservation.

Self-service gondolas enhance customer autonomy and the purchasing dynamic. High-performance kitchens benefit from combined cell cabinets and rapid freezing cells, allowing for advanced preparation and preserving the quality of food. Access to fresh drinks is facilitated by drink dispensers and water fountains, which are essential in many establishments.

Finally, for ice production needs, ice machines are a reliable choice, while freezer tables combine preparation space and cold storage, making them valuable assets for any professional kitchen.

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