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Discover excellence in presentation with our glass display counters, specially designed for Horeca establishments keen on showcasing their fresh products with elegance and efficiency. These counters, blending modern design with cutting-edge refrigeration technology, not only offer exceptional visibility of your culinary creations but also ensure their optimal preservation. Ideal for bakeries, delicatessens, or salad bars, our glass display counters are the perfect solution to attract customers and boost sales through attractive and professional display.

Refrigerated glass display counter: A must-have asset for the food industry

The refrigerated display counter is an essential refrigeration equipment in the food industry, offering a dual advantage: optimal storage of products at the right temperature while allowing clear display through a transparent glass. These counters are indispensable in various establishments such as sandwich shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and butcher shops, playing a crucial role in product presentation.

When it comes to professional refrigerated display counters, the choice depends on the type of products to be displayed. For example, ice cream display counters, specially designed to showcase different ice cream flavors, feature specific compartments and an appropriate cooling system. Pastry display counters, on the other hand, are intended for sweet preparations and highlight pastries with their multiple levels and often panoramic design. For limited spaces, countertop display cases are ideal, while horizontal display cases offer versatility suitable for multiple food trades.

The choice of a refrigerated display counter should consider various criteria, including the type of cooling. Static cold, although economical, offers a less homogeneous temperature, while ventilated cold ensures a constant temperature and better food preservation. Static cold display cases are suitable for foods requiring a temperature of 4 to 6 °C, such as raw vegetables, while more delicate products like raw meats or fresh fish require ventilated cold.

Note that:

-For delicate products such as raw meats, fresh fish, or salmon requiring a temperature of 0 to 2 °C, prefer ventilated countertop refrigerators.

-The cold zone is limited to the height of the worktop. If foods are placed beyond this zone, they will not be properly preserved. For a wide variety or quantity of foods, consider wider or longer counters.

-The size of your counter also depends on the available space. If space is limited, opt for more compact models, especially if the cooking line is placed behind the counter (maintain a minimum distance of 70 cm between hot areas and the display case).

-Finally, since these display cases are generally heavy and bulky, consider accessibility during installation. If in doubt, feel free to contact our services for personalized advice.

Other important elements to consider include the motor (integrated or remote), refrigerant fluid, lighting, dimensions, and type of glass. Each choice must be adapted to the available space, the specific needs of the products to be displayed, and the layout of the establishment. It is also crucial to consider accessibility during the installation of the display cases, which are often heavy and bulky. When in doubt, it is recommended to consult experts for personalized advice, ensuring that your investment in a refrigerated display counter perfectly meets your restaurant needs.

Frigo Horeca: Your Horeca equipment store

The Horeca industry faces a constant need for efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment. Among these, saladette table fridges are essential allies in maintaining the freshness of ingredients, while saladette pizza fridges specialize in the optimal preservation of products for pizzerias. The presentation of drinks is also crucial, hence the popularity of drink fridges that allow them to be displayed while keeping them at the ideal temperature.

Establishments requiring substantial storage will turn to chest freezers for their capacity and durability. Bar fridges and minibars are perfect for limited spaces and offer convenient accessibility to drinks. The presentation and accessibility of products are enhanced by self-service wall units, which invite spontaneous consumption.

For large-scale storage needs, cold storage rooms are the suitable solution. They are often accompanied by display counters for an attractive presentation of products. Professionals will also opt for refrigerated cabinets or freezer cabinets for optimal layout and efficient food preservation.

Self-service gondolas enhance customer autonomy and the purchasing dynamic. High-performance kitchens benefit from combined cell cabinets and rapid freezing cells, allowing for advanced preparation and preserving the quality of food. Access to fresh drinks is facilitated by drink dispensers and water fountains, which are essential in many establishments.

Finally, for ice production needs, ice machines are a reliable choice, while freezer tables combine preparation space and cold storage, making them valuable assets for any professional kitchen.

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